About Tree Labyrinths & Tree Sanctuaries

Hello, I am John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard and welcome to our Tree Labyrinths & Tree Sanctuaries Hub.

This is a new hub service to respond to this summer's frequent requests of "How can I create or have a Tree Labyrinth/Tree Sanctuary that I can use?

This desire seems to come from one or more of these passions
To do something personally that can absorb CO2 from the atmosphere to reduce personal carbon footprintTo have a personal natural space to feel free, trust, relax, breathe well, recharge, regenerate.To have a personal natural space to be inspired and become motivated to write, compose, paint, invent, and maybe solve puzzles within our work and hobbies.To have a personal space to relieve from anxiety. stress, melancholy, depression, mood swings, tension, low esteem, and worries,  A space to commune with faith and connection with the spirit world, angels, the sidhe world, fae world, goddess realm, animal, tree and plant totemsA space to apprentice back into connection…

Please let me know about your Tree Sanctuary

Please let me know about your Tree Sanctuary 

Let me know whether it is your own, you are part of a community or co-op, intend to create a sanctuary for yourself or as a member of a group.

Please let me know if you wish to visit our Tree Labyrinth Garden and other Labyrinth Gardens here at Carrowcrory, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Times to visit are April until mid October, and Sunday afternoons are the best time, but please let me know before.

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